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T.O.M.S. provides prompt, professional commercial and residential snow removal to keep your outdoor landscape safe and enjoyable in any weather.  We maintain and operate our own fleet of snow removal vehicles and equipment, so we ready whenever you need us.

We understand every client’s needs, spaces and environments are different, and we offer customized plans to suit your schedule and budget.  Whether you need snow blowing or plowing at your home to save time and eliminate strain, specialized snow removal for extreme weather conditions or regular de-icing and snow removal throughout the winter to protect your customers, we are happy to serve you. We have pre-paid seasonal contracts based on average snowfall in the area or per-inch contracts based on snowfall after storms. We utilize data and reports from the National Weather Service to dispatch our fleets and to schedule seasonal contracts.

To keep your outdoor assets protected, we are a fully insured and certified company covering any damages that might occur during snow removal.  Keep your home or business easily accessible this winter without the stress, time and effort of snow removal.  Give us a call or contact us today to schedule snow blowing, plowing, de-icing and more according to your needs and budget.



Pre-Paid Seasonal Contracts (Unlimited or Limited): The limited contract is based upon the average snowfall for our area while the unlimited contract provides a fixed cost for you no matter how much total snowfall we get. Choose whichever contract fits your needs and budget.

Per-Inch Contract: With this type of snow removal contract our clients pay only if there’s snowfall. You will only be charged one price per each snow storm based upon a tiered rate scale that gradually increases as the total amount of snowfall increases.



NOTE: Snowfall data for purposes of dispatch and invoicing on all contracts will reference N.O.A.A. the National Weather Service Website ( nearest reporting station for individual storm and seasonal snow totals.


INSURANCE: We are fully covered with a $2M general liability policy in place for any incidents that may occur while providing our services on your property. If you have any concerns please just ask and we will have our insurer send you our C.O.I. (certificate of insurance).


Snow Plowing - Driveways and parking lots

Snow Blowing - Sidewalks

Shoveling - Sidewalks and steps

De-Icing - Driveways, parking Lots, sidewalks and steps
Marker Stakes - Good for everyone to prevent damage to turf and landscaping

Snow Plowing, Removal & Maintenance in Barrington IL

Snow and Ice Removal - Commercial & Residential

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